guidance in the stars

Long have the stars guided us.

Throughout ancient and medieval times, the stars were direct channels linking humanity to the vast unknown that lay among the heavens.

Those who dabbled in magic- those who prophesied among the constellations- looked to the stars for answers, though the sky did not only serve the needs of the mystic and arcane. Seafarers gave use to the sky’s pathways, forging mental maps and blazing trails through uncharted waters. But, humanity’s view of the stars changed when science fueled a flame quenched by knowledge, and those tiny points of lights became tangible remnants of celestial objects- no longer was the sky a mystery. No longer did humanity seek to demystify the unknown in the manner that the ancients once had.

The constellations became muddled amid shallow astrological means, and the stars became dying blips in an endless loop of time. Our eyes fell downward to things that lay rooted solidly before us- things that we could see, things that we could touch and feel with our hands.

But, in quiet moments, we find ourselves looking up. Maybe your sky is covered by a grey haze, a perpetual breath let loose within your city. Maybe your sky is cloudy, stuffed with snow or marred by purple rainclouds. Or maybe your sky is clear, and held aloft within the heavens you are gifted the sight of something small, but bright. In looking through the night air, we are given a panoramic window into space of an infinite proportion.

We think sometimes that we exist within our own worlds, but little do we know that we create worlds within worlds. Little do we know that we exist at the brink of two planes- planet Earth and the universe- and the universe is only just above above you.

All you have to do is look up.

an aspect of being

Harmony in life is the synthesis of every aspect of being. These aspects are not the same for every person, and even the very aspect of being itself can change from individual to individual. Even so, a simple fact of existence is that one’s ability to function is usually derived from something else. The human body is not fully independent. Just as the body takes its energy from nature, so does nature fulfill itself in an opposite manner through the contribution of many lifeforms. And so, nature serves as an example of a harmonious ‘circle’ of sorts. Each function is connected in part to the root of another function. Humanity, too, exists in a similar fashion. But, the progression of time has led us to indulge in shortcuts and precarious paths in order to maximize efficiency.

These paths have led us to bypass certain questions. Why do we exist? How is existence determined? What does it mean to ‘be’? What aspects of our lives prove that we live as independent entities from the universe itself?

Of course, these aren’t questions that the everyday individual stops to ponder. There are more pressing matters at hand. But, if the mentality of the world was suddenly flipped upon its head, would things change? If everyone, instead of striving to first change the material circumstances of the globe, decided to come to terms with their existences, would the world be different?



the soul- a guide

It is thought by some that every living thing possesses a soul. A soul; an invisible representation of our truest selves, thoughts, and darkest desires. The soul is a spiritual self, a transparent doppelganger of infinite proportion meant to guide us through the hardships felt by our subconscious minds.

It is said that the soul informs us of our inherent purpose in life.

But, do we all feel as though we have a purpose? Life renders our day-to-day in hues of blue and grey, and many of us feel that we possess no direction. We wish for the guidance of some all powerful being. We wish for someone to tell us how to resolve the hardships that plague our lives. It would be infinitely easier to accept the guidance of another than to make difficult life decisions for ourselves… or would it?

Could it be possible that we already possess an inner compass?

Whether or not the soul actually exists, a standing truth is that each and every one of us has an inner voice. It weathers the rise and fall of life alongside our consciousness, and sometimes takes on a personality of its own. This voice, this opinionated brain within our brain, remains a mirror image of our daily joy and strife. And in matters of the mind, anything is possible. It is possible to receive guidance from your inner self. It is possible to reach within the darkest recesses our your consciousness and take hold of this compass. It is available to you- it always has been.

It is simply up to you to find your way.